Platforms: iPhone/iPod

Guide a football down the field and avoid the defense, try to get as many yards as possible!

Compete with your friends to get the best distance!

Score field goals to gather leather to make upgraded footballs; build the legendary vintage football! 

How far can you go?!

eCards mobile

Platforms: iOS Devices

SubZeroRush is a fast paced game in which you guide a marble by dragging it through fun levels evading the icicles!


- Particle Effects

- Simple Graphics

- Drag Controls

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Platforms: iOS Devices

In Golden Leap your challenge is to guide a golden marble far, you do this by taking advantage of the rotating platforms that send the marble up in the air!
How far can you guide the marble?

-Particle effects
-Easy controls
-Fun gameplay

​Platforms: iOS Devices

​eCards mobile is an app in which you can create greeting cards on the go! Simply replace the text on the cards and share them with your family and friends!

eCards has greeting cards for the following occasions:
- Birthday
- Mother's Day
- New Year
- Christmas​

Enjoy the simple user interface and design of LiteText, to send quick messages to your contacts!

- Designed to use as less data as possible

- Start new chats with your contacts

- Search for new contacts by username

- Manage contact requests

- Customize your profile by uploading your own profile picture

Golden Leap


Yard Rush



Neon Fall


About me:

I am an independent developer that is constantly making new apps, games, websites, and software!

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Platforms: iOS Devices

In neon fall you must guide a neon marble, avoid the obstacles in its way, and use the platforms to your advantage!
How far can you lead the marble?!

-Tap to change direction

- Particle effects
- Glowing effect
- Fun gameplay!

Here you can find a list of all the software/games/apps that I have made.


Copyright 2016 Marco De Anda

All rights reserved

M.A.D Software


Platforms: iOS Devices

GemCosmos is a game in which you have to guide a small ship by dragging it through challenging levels destroying and avoiding the asteroids while trying to collect as many gems as possible. You can later buy new ships with your gems in the "ship dock". 

- Particle Effects!
- Easy controls!
- Currently 4 different ships that you can unlock!


Mac and Windows
Rover Resurgence 360 is a 2d fast paced game where you can look around and fight for Planet Earth with four different rovers in four different planets, the objective is to defeat as many aliens as you can before they reach your rovers!

RoverResurgence360 story: 
In the year 2016, four scout rovers sent by the International Agency of Intergalactic Exploration (IAIE) arrived at four different planets in a nearby unexplored planetary system. It is now the year 2028, you are a worker at the IAIE and have been given the task to shut down these rovers for good as they are now considered to be obsolete. Before you complete your task, you decide to take a look at the rover's feed one last time, only to discover that the beings from this planetary system have joined forces to launch a full scale attack on our solar system. You take immediate action and decide to use the scout rovers to Earth's advantage. You notice that the rovers can't move, as their wheels have taken too much damage over the years, however, the rovers's camera systems 
(which can look in four directions) and their weapon systems work fine. You hope to weaken the alien forces before they notice the rovers. Four different planets, four different armies, will your command over these rovers give humanity a fighting chance? 

Game controls: 
arrow keys, space bar

Platforms: iOS Devices and website

Feed-Post is a social network where you can chat, share, and discuss positive topics with people from all around the world! See what's up in technology, entertainment, and news according to people around the world!

- Follow people that make interesting posts!

- Share/chat/post 

- Tap the arrow on the bottom left of the screen to go back, and tap the arrow on the bottom right of the screen to see the most recent posts!