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What makes mobile apps useful

Mobile apps are generally considered useful because they can sometimes provide us with information that we want to know about for example, weather forecasts and news.

Another area an app can be useful is to provide entertainment, there are apps that let us watch our favorite movies and play games when bored. Furthermore, apps let us communicate with family and friends from a distance through calls or chat.

In summary, apps are usually considered useful because they provide us with easy sources of entertainment, information, and communication.

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-Marco De Anda

Neon Fall - App Guide

Neon Fall is one of my recent apps, it features neon colors and fast paced gameplay. The game was made to be challenging, the controls can get difficult because of the fast speed of the game. This small guide contains more detailed instructions on the game controls and advice on how to get a better score on Neon Fall

The platforms in Neon Fall help slow down the pace of the game and give you more time to make a decision.


In Neon Fall to make the marble go right or left simply tap on the game screen, the marble is falling down and you have to watch out that it doesn't collide with one of these:

Platforms however are useful as they can help slow down the marble's fall.

Platforms in the game look like this:

Download my app Neon Fall for free on the AppStore:

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How Mobile Apps Affect People In A Positive Way

About a decade ago the amount of people with mobile devices was nowhere near the amount of today. With mobile devices come mobile apps, these enable the user to do things that could previously only be done with a computer at home. For example, the ability to take notes whenever you want, to check the news and weather anytime, and to be able to communicate with friends or family at any moment. 

Apps have also improved a lot over the years to better assist us. This can be observed in the entertainment industry, we can now watch our favorite sports live-streams on mobile apps with great sound and video quality.

There are so many apps that help us solve small everyday issues, for example, you forgot to send someone a birthday card and you should send one quick, there are apps that let the user quickly create a card and send it to someone through email.

Apps are gradually becoming more useful and with the growing amount of people with mobile devices the improvement of mobile apps is likely to continue. So hopefully apps keep improving to become even more helpful to us!

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